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A tea ritual in the right setting creates a space for you to reach a new level of intention, reflection and mindfulness. 
Choose your favourite tea brewing set. 
Choose a time that will allow you to best connect with yourself. 
Set an intention or meditate on what you're grateful for. 
Use your five senses to get into the habit of staying present. 
Look at your tea leaves, feel the love they're offering. 

Add one teaspoon of the botanicals to one cup of boiling water.
Let it sit on slow heat for at least 10 minutes. 
Breathe the aroma deeply.
Play a tune, write a journal or meditate while waiting for all the goodness to absorb in your water. 
Sip mindfully, inhale deeply and enjoy the flavours. 
You are drinking fragrant plants that are the gift of Mother Earth. 

“Do not gulp the tea but sip it slowly, allowing its fragrance to fill your mouth. There is no need to have any special attitude while drinking except one of thankfulness.”

– Pojong Sunim

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