Welcome love into your life


    100% Natural loose leaf tea 


    Spacious heart fuses traditional medicine with transcendental wisdom. Hints of spicy, antique wood blend with sweet notes and tannic flavours to promote heart health, regulate blood pressure and purify the blood. In mysticism, these natural treasures are invoked to attract adoration and banish negative energy.




    Pu-erh tea is a well kept secret in ancient medicine. For thousands of years it has been used to burn visceral fat and protect the heart. Ayurveda prizes ashwagandha root as a Rasayana; a herb that maintains mental and physical youth and vigour. Ashwagandha’s calming benefits have been adored for centuries. What ancient wisdom has known, modern medicine is beginning to understand; that this herb may help boost your level of happiness. Rose buds and Jasmine buds provide perfume and warmth, love and joy.

    Spacious heart is focused on supporting the literal and figurative heart. The blend aims to promote your cardiovascular system, purify your blood and kindle and cultivate love.


    Inhale the aroma deeply. Let it seep into your heart. If your heart ever feels heavy, sip on a warm cup of Spacious Heart tea. Breathe in for four-seconds, then hold. Exhale for four-seconds, then repeat.


    One teaspoon per cup with boiled water. Infuse for 8 minutes. This beverage can be consumed hot or cold and is delightful throughout the seasons.







      • organic pu-erh, organic ashwagandha root, organic licorice root, organic rose buds, organic jasmine buds, dried raspberry

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