100% natural loose leaf tea


    A bouquet with hints of dancing violets in the woods, our Powerful Woman is focused on supporting the beauty of the feminine. The blend aims to warm your heart, strengthen your cycle and replenish your body and mind. This blend combines a fresh, natural taste and ancient healing ingredients.




    Orris root, or Queen Elizabeth root, gently purifies the blood, protects the skin and has long been prescribed as a potent natural painkiller. Its scent of sophisticated violets reminds us of a woman’s inner strength. Red Clover thins the blood, improving flow and so eases PMS and menopause symptoms. Cinnamon and strawberries nourish with vitamins and minerals and provide the perfect flavour that underpins this blend.

    Red Raspberry leaves contribute powerful polyphenols; their flavonoids and tannins act as healing antioxidants. These compounds protect from the ravages of free radical damage. This versatile leaf also defends against harmful bacteria and fungi. As a natural antimicrobial agent, it may comfort irritable bowel syndrome and protect against yeast infection. Native Americans have used Red Raspberry leaves for millennia to strengthen and tend the uterus. There is good reason this delightful plant is known as “the woman's herb”.




    One teaspoon per cup with boiled water. Infuse for 8 minutes. This beverage can be consumed hot or cold and is delightful throughout the seasons.







      •  Organic Orris root, Organic Red Raspberry leaves, Organic Red Clover flower, Rose, Organic Cinnamon chips, Rose hip, dried strawberries

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