Lift your mood and improve focus


    100% Natural loose leaf tea 


    Our jasmine fragrant Lift your mood blend is a combination of roots, spices and fruits to nourish your body, enhances energy and improves mental clarity. A sweet dry palette of flavours so you can soar through your day.



    Rhodiola root, or "golden root”, is adored in mountainous Eurasia for its therapeutic properties. With its sweet smell and lively taste, this blessed plant promotes strength and endurance. It also improves physical and mental performance. Yerba mate stimulates your energy and promotes mental clarity.


    Lift your mood tea is a special blend that combines delicious restorative ingredients to elevate your energy, lift your morning mood, and maintain the sweet-tempered balance that a caffeine hit can crumple. Sprinkle in a positive thought and a heartfelt smile to begin your day in bliss.





    One teaspoon per cup with boiled water. Infuse for 8 minutes. This beverage can be consumed hot or cold and is delightful throughout the seasons.



      • organic rhodiola root, organic yerba mate, organic jasmine buds, organic dried apple, clove, quince

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