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4 Most common herbal tea benefits

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

1. Anti-ageing and skin protection

Antioxidants and antibacterial found in herbal tea help in slowing down the ageing process. They also prevent free radical damage and restores the age of your cells in the body. This makes your skin look flawless and younger.

Some of the most common herbs for anti-ageing are

· Cinnamon: prevents collagen breakdown and prevents loss of skin elasticity. [1]

· Ginger: with high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties help in preventing the signs of ageing. [2]

· Ashwagandha: classified as an adaptogen, which means it can help your body manage stress. It also has the capability to boost collagen production in the skin, which prevents visible signs of ageing. [3,4]

· Rooibos: with all its antioxidants, it can help fight free radicals in the skin and repairs damage brought on by the elements. [5]

· Calendula: this golden flower may be used to treat wounds and ulcers by increasing collagen. Also, they contain sun protection factors (SPF) and may enhance skin hydration. [6]

· Alfalfa: loaded with vitamins, this herb helps to generate new cells and fights the environmental factors that make your complexion look prematurely aged. [7]

· Our Glow blend is specially formulated to support skin detoxification and nourish the beauty of your complexion.

2. Aid in Digestion and Gut Health

Gut health is important for our overall wellness. Herbal teas are known to provide a variety of digestive benefits, including relief from indigestion, stomach ulcers, and constipation.

Some of the best herbs for good digestive health are:

· Peppermint: may provide relief with digestive issues such as bloating and indigestion. Also provides relief from irritable bowel syndrome. [8]

· Rosemary: may help calming an upset stomach. Its anti-inflammatory properties can soothe heartburn and ease intestinal problems. [9]

· Fennel: soothes gastro-intestinal muscles and may provide relief with stomach cramps. [10]

· Turmeric: can contribute to healthy digestion with its anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory and properties. Also soothes stomach inflammation. [11]

· Ginger: can prove to be an effective remedy for upset stomach and nausea. [12]

· Cinnamon: helps lowering body temperatures and carbon dioxide levels in stomach to promote healthy digestion. [13]

· Juniper: is used for digestion problems, including upset stomach, intestinal gas (flatulence), heartburn, bloating, loss of appetite, and gastrointestinal (GI) infections and intestinal worms. [14]

3. Relieve stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are common issues these days. A healthy cup of herbal beverage may help soothe your nerves and offer a sense of calm.

Here are few herbs that may help you cope up better with stress and anxiety:

· Chamomile: a well-known stress-soothing herb with mild tranquilizing effect. It may significantly reduce moderate to severe anxiety issues. [15]

· Ashwagandha: an ancient herb with medical properties that may reduce stress and anxiety by regulating the cortisol levels. [16]

· Lavender: a flowering plant belonging to the mint family that can calm the nerves and alleviate anxiety. [17]

· Valerian: in addition to relieving anxiety in response to acute stress, valerian root can also help with compulsive and obsessive behaviours. [18]

· Peace of mind and aquatic tranquillity are two of our special blends that are formulated to provide calmness and tranquillity to adopt your body with stressors of life. Inhale the aroma and be present while preparing your drink.

4. Detoxification

Detox is the need of the hour. Although, your body is well-equipped to flush out toxins, but an herbal tea can enhance your body’s natural ability to detox.

Here are few herbs that can help your body detox and rejuvenate:

· Red Clover: regarded as diuretic, it helps in purifying the blood by helping the body get rid of harmful toxins along with excess fluids. Also cleanses the liver. [19]

· Dandelion: dandelion roots are regarded as “liver tonic” in folk medicine. It may help increase the flow of bile and detoxify liver in the process. [20]

· Nettle: excellent kidney supporter. Increases the flow of urine. The nutrition within nettles provides an alkalising influence. [21]

· Turmeric: has a high level of antioxidant action and a specific action to support the liver and enhance bile flow. It is a potent anti-inflammatory and can help reduce inflammations that occur during a detox. [22]

· Rosehips: rich in vitamin C, therefore provides antioxidant protection and can also support tired adrenal glands. Also contains Vitamin A, B1 & B2. [23]

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